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Can I Install My Own Garage Door Opener?

Can I Install My Own Garage Door Opener?

All of the known brands for garage door openerscome with a step-by-step manual to install the garage door opener motor, thedrive system components as well as the controls. If you have enough experience,tools, and patience to keep on trying, there’s a high probability that you caninstall your own garage door opener within a convenient time. However, will theresult be the same as hiring a professional technician?

Get The BestInstallation

In order to guarantee that you got the bestinstallation for your garage door opener, you need to make sure that you chosethe right type for you. If you live in Indianapolis, Indiana, then you canleave it all to Indianapolis Garage Door. We will provide you with any type ofopener you want. You can get types like Chain-Drive Opener, Belt-Drive, Opener,Screw-Drive Opener, Jackshaft-Drive Opener, and Direct-Drive Opener.

Not only that, but you can also enjoy your productfrom your favorite brand like Genie, Guardian, Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster, Chamberlain,and many more.

In this case, you will need to check a few things tomake sure that your door installation is correct:

1.   Check your cables, rollers, and springs visually todetermine whether they’re broken, bent, or out of place.

2.   Check the vertical sections of the tracks by using alevel. Also, measure the span between the tracks to check for misalignments.

3.   Check the balance of your garage door. You can do thisby raising the garage door manually from a closed position midway opening, thenlet go of the handle. If you see the door going up or down on its own, then theproblem is in the spring tension. However, if the door goes crashing down, then you will need to replace yourspring because it is broken.

If you followed the instruction and you still findproblems in your garage door, like the door slamming shut when you close itmanually, the door retracts on its own, or the door won’t move at all. You willneed a professional company to provide you with a thorough inspection of yourg8arage door. Call Indianapolis Garage Door and book a visit with us. We willprovide you with high-quality and cheap service in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ontop of all this, we have a 100% free estimate. Call us to get yours now.