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Understanding Modern Garage Door Styles and Features

Understanding Modern Garage Door Styles and Features

The garage door is a useful way to close up your garage. With time, garage doors have changed & advanced significantly from what they once were. Nowadays, there are so many brands & styles on the market with advanced features that add value & comfort for your house.
If you have never tried to search around the market for a new garage door or didn’t pay it much attention, then your way through the marketplace will be a little bit confusing. You will find below some of the newest garage door styles and features that will suit you.

It’s the conventional type of garage doors that you usually see with 3:4 metal or wood raised panels put together with hinges & designed to roll up overhead. At times these doors have decorative parts on them, but mainly they are flat.

Some of it has a small window at the head height, but others don’t. This type of garage door is the most affordable & plainest one in the market. You can customize to meet your needs according to style, color & design.
Options include a long & short panel garage door. The single garage door usually has two long or four short raised panels per the main panel, which appropriate for most house styles.
Carriage House
This kind of garage door is less common as it is designed to be similar to historical carriage houses. Carriage house garage doors open like those standard garage doors as they could swing or slide like when you shut a real carriage house door.
These kinds of doors look so great over contemporary houses.
Contemporary Style
It is out of the norm as glass doors on aluminum frames. These contemporary doors are a great addition to those modern style houses with high technology elements.
Garage Door Features
You can find garage doors with so many features as it is no longer that simple metal sheet door. Those modern garage doors contain lots of features as insulated construction, dual-wall, decorative windows “glass,” no-pinch seems, advanced-strength materials & heavy-duty weather seals.
If you wonder about the best garage door choice for you or want to see some options, please give Indianapolis New Garage Doors a call. Our techs will compare to our customers the garage doors' features & styles side-by-side. Contact us now when you would like to see our garage door recommendations first.