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What to Do When the Garage Door Does Not Open or Close?

What to Do When the Garage Door Does Not Open or Close?

If the garage door stops moving up or down, it can be very annoying to you. You will not be able to enter or leave your garage.
Do not panic or try to do things on your own because you may cause more damages. Instead, you can follow our instructions to make your garage door work properly again.

The Reasons Why Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close?

Dead Batteries

The transmitter needs the power to work. If the batteries in the transmitter are dead, it will not send a signal to the garage door to open.

You have to check the transmitter that is on the wall inside your garage door. If it opens the garage door, then the problem is with the remote transmitter. In this case, replace the battery.

The Track Is Out of Alignment

The track supports the garage door as it moves. If the garage door is out of alignment, it can be a severe issue. You will know this problem if you hear noises when you try to open or close your garage door.

If the door does not move at all, then you need a professional to repair or replace the track for you.

Broken Springs

The garage door springs hold the weight of your garage door and make the garage door open or close properly.
 If the garage door stops working, then you may face broken springs. Broken springs also make a loud noise. Be careful not to open the garage door yourself because it is very dangerous. Call a professional to do this job for you and give you peace of mind.

Broken Cables

The garage door cables help the garage door to reach the ground safely. If the cables are broken, you will find the door closes very fast. This situation is very dangerous. So, you have to hire a professional to solve this issue for you.  

Can I Fix the Problems Myself?

In some cases, it is easy to deal with the problem when the garage door doesn’t open or close. For example, you may replace the batteries or make sure that the tracks are aligned.

Why You Hire A Professional Not Any Company?

The garage door is very dangerous. It is very heavy and has springs that are under tension. The non-professionals who do not have the right equipment and start working with the doors may hurt themselves.

You need to call garage door professionals. They have wide experience and work with the garage doors for many years. They will be able to come to your place and look at your garage door.

The professionals will examine your garage door and tell you what is wrong with it. They will come equipped with the best tools and equipment needed for this job. They will do this job safely in a very short time.